Missing Piece

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Missing Piece ~ C.M. Foust ~ 07/31/2014

I wrote recently about how my romantic love life is the one area of frustration for me. All other areas of my life feel really good, but the lack of a romantic partner feels … Well, it has a presence in my life.

I’ve been alone for five years: half the length of my failed marriage. For me, that length of time begs the question of “when”? When will I meet my life partner?

I journaled about this recently in my private journal, and in that entry I used the analogy of a puzzle. Meeting my life partner is a missing piece to my puzzle. I’m happy. I can see the overall picture without that one piece. The puzzle of my heart is infinite, since pieces can be added to the edges throughout my life. But that one piece is currently missing.

When I wrote about that, I decided I wanted to do a painting on the subject. So here it is! It’s 12”x12”, acrylic on canvas.I like it. I have a thing with rainbow symbolism in my various paintings (one example here). I like using rainbows, because the different colors symbolize a progression through the different chakras and different levels of emotional enlightenment. I didn’t really plan it, but the missing piece is located in the green area, which is the color of the heart chakra… Nice coincidence.

I hope you enjoy my painting.

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