New School Year

There’s just something exciting about a new school year. There are new students on campus and new students to teach. The university hosts a ton of welcome events, which means that you can easily find free food on any given day. Many current students and faculty are off-campus over summer doing field work, traveling for conferences, or just working from home. They return, too, so it’s like a mini-reunion.

This year is particularly exciting, because it will be my last year as a student.

Well, I’ll always be a student. I won’t ever stop learning and challenging myself.

But my days of registering for classes and taking tests are coming to an end. My days of being a Teaching Assistant will be over, and I’ll be the real deal in some form. I feel like I know what I want to be when I grow up; and at the age of 37, I’ll have a big girl’s job… Finally. Well, technically, I’ve already held many big girl jobs prior to restarting school. But still. This one will pay a better…

Still not looking forward to paying off the student loans though. One thing at a time… 

So it’s an exciting year in general. The beginning of the end of another chapter of my life. 

Happy back-to-school!


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