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My flat, little, Yule tree brings memories of family too.The above ornament is one my aunt made in school. Maybe she made more than one, or maybe she was mad at Grandma, but she gave this one to my mom. Later Mom gave it to me. While my aunt was living, it was always a nice addition to the tree. But Tonya took her own live back in 1998, so since then the ornament has become a reminder of the life that once was. And it’s also a reminder of one person’s importance to so many others. There are days I still miss her so much, and I think how much I’d like to share certain things with her.

But the tree isn’t all memories of those who passed. Many years ago I received this Gumby-like figure with my mom’s head shoved in there. I get to remember her days of big, permed hair!

I should retake this one. It’s too dark.

Of course there’s one of Dad too. Mom once say that she didn’t know Dad had sent the Gumbys. But I like this photo of him. As my aunt might say, I like the memory of fat dad over skinny dad. (Dad was way, way too skinny when he passed due to the cancer.)

Christmas Eve is tomorrow. I’m still in good spirits. Not sure if it’s truly “holiday spirit,” but I’m not feeling depressed this year which is a nice switch.

I hope everyone else is having a nice holiday and has enjoyed my walk through memory lane via ornaments. I still have a few left I might write about.

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