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My grandpa’s Yule tree was filled with ornaments he got while traveling. And that’s saying something, because he traveled all over the world! I’ve been continuing the tradition with ornaments ranging from elegant and graceful to touristy-to-the max.I got the above ornament in San Francisco in Chinatown in January 2013. It’s an origami crane in a cube glass ornament. I was so afraid it would get broken in my carry-on on the way back home, but it didn’t. When I hang it on the tree, it’s a lovely reminder of my 10-mile walk to the Golden Gate Bridge and the short-term friendship I had with a lady on the way. It’s a nice reminder of my poster presentation at the conference I went to and hanging out with friends in their hotel the night before the conference. I remember the coffee shop down the road from my AirBnB place that was playing Over the Rhine when I was there. I also took a trip to the vibrator museum, which they opened a little early for me since the main portion of the building (coincidentally a sex shop) was already open. Ahhh, memories!

Near 10-mile walk to Golden Gate Bridge (route in red).

I think my ornament tastes in Mexico were rather refined too. I got this pretty, hand-painted ornament in Cozumel during a cruise my mom and I went on back in 2011. I love its bright colors and the coloration of the flower. Putting this on the tree reminds of our trip to Chacchoben, the Mayan Ruins. It reminds me of our long walk in Honduras that took us to Overlook Point, while the other tourists passed us by in buses. I remember all of the cool, preserved bugs at the museum in Belize City.

I went for a little less class, and a little more stereotypical Dutch when I was in Amsterdam. How could I say no to these little, wooden shoes that I bought from a vendor in front of the Rijkmuseum, right before enjoying a stroopwafel?! The obvious answer is that I could not.

I love that my Yule ornaments allow me to revisit the cool places I’ve gone to over the years. I’m looking forward to many more memories from locales distant and nearby!

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