Pre-travel To Do

Why does it always feel like there is so much to do before going on a trip?

First there’s packing. I always end up arguing with myself about if I really need to take something. Do I NEED to take those skirts? Yes, because I don’t really know what I’ll be doing in the evenings. Certainly I’ll go for a jog while I’m away, so I absolutely need to take my jogging clothes and shoes. But will my big, round hairbrush that I need to blow dry my hair fit? Don’t forget TSA’s awesome 3-1-1 rule, unless I want to check my bag. Will they give me crap about my razor? Where is my passport, anyway?

Fortunately I have all of those ducks in a row now…

Rusty packing

Rusty helping me pack.

And I get to pack for two, since I have to pack Willow up to stay with her pet sitter. Food and treats are necessities, as is her crate. But which toys to send with her while she’s away? I can’t forget the aloe/witch hazel itchy gel that I make for her. And baby wipes, baby powder, etc… that are part of her anti-itch arsenal. At least Willow doesn’t argue with me about what I do pack for her. In fact, she’s pretty laid back during this whole packing thing.

Willow sleepy

Willow seems kind of bored while I complete my pre-trip to-do list.

There’s also the pre-trip cleaning. Why do I do this? I’m not actually going to be in my abode for the next little bit of time, yet it has to be cleaned before I go? At least it’s done now.

Trips to the pharmacy to pick up those travel-sized things that you need but don’t currently have. A trip to the ATM for traveling cash. Some time for lunch snuck in there..

For this trip, I’m also making an evening visit for a friend’s birthday and after that tango. I’m very much looking forward to both of these events, but they are making me feel even busier the day before I leave. Good thing I’m mostly packed now… (I’m taking a blogging break. Smile)

I’m looking forward to experiencing a place I haven’t experienced before. I’m also excited about the networking opportunities. And though I’m grumbling a bit, I do like the anticipation that builds while you prepare to travel. I’m looking forward to seeing Puerto Rico tomorrow!

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