Prelude to 36

My birthday is coming up. It occurred to me that this is a big one. This the birthday where I will have spent 50% of my time as a child and 50% of my time as an adult.

I’m not sure why that’s really important. Eighteen is an arbitrary age in which to say, “Ta da! Now you are an adult!!” Certainly if we include mental, financial, and communication maturity, I’ve been a child much longer than 18 years. Then add in the life resetting associated with my divorce, and I’ve barely had any adult days at all!

With all of those calculations I’m much younger than 36! Winking smile

I can say that my birthday feels better than last year (even with me not quite reaching it yet). I’ve written before about how 2013 felt like a bit ‘meh’ to me (here and here), like I might have been in a rut. Since earlier this year, I haven’t been feeling that way. I feel lighter and happier. I’ve been busy, but it’s felt good. I haven’t been dating, and that has felt good too. I’ve been challenging myself with communication and in my relationships, and though that is hard I also feel like I’m on the right track with such things.

After next Thursday I’ll be entering the phase in my life where I’ll be an adult for longer than I was a child. I’m looking forward to the adventure.

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