I’ve been thinking forward to June. On June 4, we’ll start rolling around the Gaspé peninsula in Canada. On this two week trip, we’ll ride about 560 miles.

Honestly, I’m terrified.


02/04/2018 Trail Ride

But today I went on a 23-mile bike ride along the Pinellas Trail. While riding, I thought back to the first time I rode the Trail any appreciable distance back in September. Then the overpasses were daunting. There are a couple that are nearly back-to-back approximately 10 miles into the ride. I remember thinking I was going to vomit when I first made it over them.


Five months later? No big deal. I had a headwind coming on the way back that slowed me down, but I never had the thought that I wouldn’t make it over the hills. I never felt like I was going to vomit because I had overexerted myself.

My thoughts also went back to my ride in San Antonio, FL back in December. It’s hilly around San Antonio. We had 2,500 feet of elevation change on that ride. I ended up walking my bike up a couple of hills because I felt like I was going to roll backwards if I didn’t. It was embarrassing…

Because of that trip, I’m building a new bike. One that can help me with the hills as much as possible.

But the fear is still there. While I know that I’ve made progress since I started training, I’m still really scared about riding mountains in Canada. And there are a few days we’ll be riding through the Chic-Choc Mountains.

Soon I’ll debut my new touring bike. I’ll be able to try it out in the hills of San Antonio to see if I’m able to make it up those hills I had to walk before. Once I do that I think I’ll have more confidence.

Right now? I’m hoping I end up riding further than I walk on this trip… The fear is real.


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  1. Uncle John

    My dearest niece,

    You are so amazing. Thank you for your blog. You inspire me with each new edition.

    I miss you. It’s been 6 years since we last sat down for our Greek dinner. I feel so guilty! But, as you are well aware, life is complicated.

    Love you always.

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