Rebel with a Cause

What do you think of when you think of science?

For me, I think of open-mindedness. I think of inclusivity because science affects us all! I think of transparency because we present our data to the peer review process. We share our findings with the world.

The March for Science is coming up, and I stepped up to help out. Soon some troubling things started coming out. Being my affable self, I asked why.

And who.

There were hidden things.

What are they?

Volunteers deserve to know.

What about transparency?

What about inclusivity?

I was removed from the online organization group and all other online organization tools. For asking questions.

Doesn’t seem like a good representation of science to me…

But I still believe in the march. The march is bigger than that group of people. The march is for everyone!!

We are all affected by science, and we will all be hurt if funding is cut for scientific inquiry. We will all be hurt if our government chooses to continue to refute evidence-based policies. We’ve seen what’s been happening with the Flint water crisis. Some areas of the country are already affected by sea-level rise. At least a dozen diseases were cured in the 20th century. But what about when there’s no funding to monitor these different things or to research potential cures for other diseases?

Science matters to us all!!

So I’m trying not to hold a grudge. I’m still going to help and recruit for the event. After all, it’s my march too. And my march will invite everyone with consideration of helping to make the event as diverse as the population of the Tampa Bay area.

I’m talking with other folks who were also booted from the organizing group, or removed themselves in protest. I’m excited to work with them for this event and future ones.

I guess I’m a rebel. I got kicked out of an organization group for asking questions. But at least I’m a rebel with a cause. And I’ll keep fighting the good fight.

Find a march near you and go!!! The march is in support for science funding and evidence-based policies. Can you argue with that? Really??

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  1. Jim Shirk

    Thanks for sticking with it! I’ll be marching too.