Ibalance_1212130‘ve been knocked out with a cold for the past week or so.

I’d been feeling very, very tired for a couple of weeks. Then I had parent/teacher conference night on the 25th, which is essentially a 12-hour work day filled with talking and interacting with people. That was the last straw. I woke up the next day with a sore throat and a cough… Because of the cold, I even took the day off on Monday: something I rarely do.

From December until now-ish, I’ve not really wanted to do much of anything but watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now that I’m coming out of the cold, I think I’m finally rebooting after the ending of “Super Intense 2015.” This weekend, I’ve started to think about what adventures I’d like to have and what creations I’d like to create.

I need to finish a mosaic project I’ve been working on. I’ve got a few paintings in mind, one started even! Tomorrow I’m going to go shoot my bow for the first time in a long time.

I think I’m finally getting balance back in my life. I’m figuring out what I want now that I’ve finished a major goal that required so much of my time. I’m figuring out what I want to do with my time, instead of what I feel obligated to do with my time.

This quote feels appropriate:


Since the divorce, now over 6 years ago, life has been intense. Even once I got over the majority of the heartache and baggage that went along with that, the Ph.D. was always there, adding a sense of urgency to life.

I don’t think I really thought about how different my life would be after graduating. I think I’m just now starting to figure such things out.

I’m looking forward to the exploration!

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