Rough Start

the-dog-ate-my-lesson-plans-6fc83Evaluation day. That day a teacher puts a little extra into her planning to make things perfect.

I did, and then the dog ate it.I put together my full lesson last night. I used Power Point to guide my lesson, and to give my students visual cues to follow as they worked on their activity. I accidentally left my external hard drive at school yesterday, so I saved the lesson to my laptop. I meant to pull the file over to the cloud. 

When I got to school this morning, I discovered that I did not…

Fortunately I had a hard copy of the Power Point presentation, so before school started I quickly typed the Power Point back up.

Then I looked for the student handouts. Turns out I printed my copy, but I’d forgotten to make copies for the class.

I’ve never been so glad to see no line at the copy machine. And lucky me that I’m one of the few people at school who have a copy code!

So, I pulled my mistakes together in the nick of time.

I think my evaluation went Ok. I’m definitely glad I was evaluated during first period, because though my third period did the same lesson it didn’t go nearly as smoothly.

I want to chill for the rest of this evening, but I have to do a bit of lesson planning. Grading will have to wait…

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