Sexiest Class in the Land

SexyI finished my first week back to school. Only three days with students, but the school year has officially begun.

I started my classes off with this motivational video by Ashton Kutcher. It’s worth the 4 minute watch.

Since showing the video, I’m joking that Dr. Foust’s classes will be the sexiest in the land. This is, of course, with the updated definition of the word sexy. They seem to be responding to that. Maybe I’ll get T-shirts made.

I’m extremely glad to be back in the room with students after a week of long meetings. Somehow the energy of classes of these young minds soothes my soul. Most days anyway…

But my body still ends up being tired. I was exhausted last week. I’m hoping it is because I need to adjust to getting up at 5 a.m. again. Five a.m. is so incredibly early… 

I have challenges associated with floating among four different rooms. Teaching a science class in a barbering room and a computer lab is going to be interesting. But I’ll make it work somehow.

My commute hasn’t been bad, which is something I was worried about. It takes about 30 minutes going into Tampa, and maybe 40 minutes coming home. I am concerned about pay so much more for gas than I was before… I’ll make that work too.

So things are off to a good start. I’m feeling positive about the school year. I’ve got 1,005 ideas to help my students out. Maybe some of those will work.


Here’s to a sexy 2016-2017 school year!!

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  1. Mike B

    New found respect for Ashton! Seems like a great way to try to connect with the kids