She Did It


Yesterday, Mary Mangiapia became the first woman to through-paddle the Florida circumnavigation kayak trail!!


Nearing the finish in Cumberland, GA. The end of a tri-state paddling adventure in her Epic kayak.
Photo credit: Andy Bartley

That means that Mary paddled approximately 1,500 miles around the state of Florida all in one effort. She left at the beginning of September (the 6th, I think), and she finished on December 10.

Mary_all smiles

She’s all smiles as she approaches the shore.
Photo credit: Andy Bartley

I’m so proud of my friend for completing this huge accomplishment. She already completed the Everglades Challenge, which is ~300 miles from Ft. DeSoto park to Key Largo, FL.

With this trip, she went five times as far.

Her effort is truly inspiring. If ever I have a goal that seems too big, Mary will be at the forefront of my mind.



Smiles and roses at the finish. 🙂
Photo credit: Andy Bartley

I haven’t seen her since she finished the race, and I can’t wait to hear some of her stories and impressions from the trip. I’m guessing that, at the very least, she’s hungry right now…

I also can’t wait until she writes her book about her journey. It’s going to be a good one. 

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