Slocan Ramblers

slocanramblersIt’s going to be music-rific 2016! My first concert of the year was Steve Poltz and Grant-Lee Phillips at the Hideaway Cafe on Tuesday. My second concert of the year was a free-to-me bluegrass show at the Straz Center: The Slocan Ramblers.

I won free tickets on Facebook!!

I do like bluegrass. I remember thinking my great-grandma was crazy for liking it when I was a kid. Over time, the banjos, finger-picking, and fast pace has grown on me. Yet, it’s a style of music I don’t actively seek out…

That might have to change!

The band was just starting up as we walked in the Jaeb Theater. This theater in the Straz Center seats 312 at cabaret-style tables. My won tickets got us to row D, which were nice seats. Not too close, not too far back. The show wasn’t full, but they had a nice turn out.

I wasn’t familiar with any of the songs they played, but I was moving in my seat to the music. I was amazed by the talent of the musicians. The Slocan Ramblers consist of a mandolin, banjo, guitar, and stand-up bass player. It was amazing watching the hands of each man on their respective fretboards.

I don’t know if it’s called “shredding” in bluegrass, but Jimi Hendrix has nothing on these guys.

At intermission, my friend and I went out to get beverages and popcorn. A house concert friend found me in the lobby! We’re going to the same house concert tonight (Daphne Willis Band)! Small world

Set two was just as good as set one. The members of the band looked like they were having a fantastic time. Since they are from Canada, they were definitely appreciative of the warm, Florida weather.

My friend who went with me to the show is much better versed in bluegrass music than I. She says this show was representative of real, old, bluegrass music. So, if you love bluegrass or you’re just looking for something new, check these guys out! They are wonderful.

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