Speed Dating

Overall, my life is very good: work, social life, creating, exercise, diet… No real complaints in any area. But dating  frustrates me when I think about it too much. While I love aspects of being single, and am happy overall, in the long run I want a partner in my life again. So, dating…

Since random men don’t come up to me in public places to interact, I’ve dated mostly through free online dating sites. Last year, I went on many nice dates with nice gentlemen through OkCupid. I’m not sure what has happened since then, but I haven’t had the same results this year.


That Albert Einstein was a pretty smart cat, and I don’t want to become insane. With that, I figured that if I’d like to find a partner I might have to change my behaviors. A friend posted on Facebook about a free speed dating event at Whole Foods last night, so I decided to go.

The event itself was well organized. I checked in, received a name badge, and a blank contact sheet where I would write down the names of the men I was interested in seeing after the speed date. Whole Foods provided free tapas and $4 glasses of wine.

As I was waiting for the event to start, I noticed many more women than men. I found out that I was the only woman in my age group, and there were three men. I thought about leaving… I stuck around, and bought a glass of pinot grigio. The organizers ended up combining the age groups (30-39 and 40-49) which increased the man total to perhaps six.

The “dates” lasted four minutes. One man answered a call from his mother during our speed date. (Yes, he actually answered his phone. No, it wasn’t an emergency. I did not list his name on the “keep sheet.”) Aside from that rudeness, it was nice interacting with the different people. I definitely liked getting face-to-face time with the different men, as opposed to just seeing a profile on a dating site. But, I also didn’t want to meet any of them again.

I think I’ll do speed dating again, but I would like to attend an event that has more people present. Regardless, I’m proud of myself for stretching beyond my comfort zone and trying it. Dating definitely requires living daringly.


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2 Responses to Speed Dating

  1. Rocky

    I have never tried speed dating but just cringed at the guy who answered the phone. I have had no problems with dates warning me ahead of time of being on call for work–or answering the phone when it is the sitter calling. I do hope you have better luck next time…..

    • Christy

      Thank you! I was pretty incredulous about the guy who answered his phone too. I mean, the speed dates are only 4 minutes. Couldn’t he have waited until the end? People are strange…