Spot On Day

Chirping of frogs
Rustling leaves
A spider critiques from her web in the trees

Sun filters through
I feel its glow
A nice day to shoot my bow

02072015-Spot On

There are nice wetlands in Lake Park in Lutz. Always a nice view, and usually signs of deer or pigs when I’m there. It’s a nice place to shoot.


I didn’t have a class today, so I enjoyed it in other ways. I went and shot my bow in the morning. After that, I had a nice, long lunch with some friends. This evening, I mostly finished up a bag I made for Renaissance festival (see below). 

02072015-Ren faire bag

I just need to figure out how I want to do the strap. I might do it so that I can wear it on a belt…

 It’s been a nice, rejuvenating day. For the next few months, I need to be mindful and careful of burning out. Every now and again I’ll need days like today…

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