Stupid Cold

I had a nice weekend that was spiritually renewing. I think that my weekend of renewal was just a little too late.

Over the past month or so I’ve been involved with a situation that has resulted in pretty extreme anxiety. The anxiety hasn’t been persistent throughout the entire month, but there have been some punctuated times of intense anxiety. One the one hand, I’ve been handling it pretty well. I’ve been journaling about it, and I’ve been talking through it with friends. I even wrote a haiku about it, and about the healing effects of happening up on a friend during a run. Overall I’ve been proud of how I’ve been handling, but with the stress I’ve been eating poorly and I haven’t been jogging in ages. The body can only take so much stress, and when you ditch some of your coping mechanisms … well …

Now I have a cold.

I could feel it prowling around over the weekend. At first I dismissed it as “allergies,” since I am almost always a little sniffle-y from whatever pollen is in the Florida air at any given time. But Tuesday there was no denying it. I woke up, and my voice sounded like a frog and a bear singing karaoke together. Fortunately I was able to work from home yesterday, so I drank pot after pot of ginger-lemon tea, with extra lemon.

An alternative title for this post could be: “We’re gonna need a bigger cup (of tea)!”


All of that tea must have helped the frog to win, which is nice because my voice doesn’t sound like a multi-species duet anymore. Still, I’ve had unpleasant bouts of coughing, and I’ve been eating more cough drops than I’d like. I’m choosing to miss my last beginner tango lesson tonight so that I don’t inflict my classmates with this misery, and because the idea of coughing in my partner’s ear during close embrace just sounds terrible.

Now that I’m regaining some balance after all of the stress, hopefully my body will be quickly renewed in the same way my spirit was this past weekend. I’m much better at keeping my health habits going than I once was, so I’m patiently reminding myself to not ditch my healthy habits when the the going gets tough. 

Still, I’m not fond of getting sick. I’ll be glad when I kick this stupid cold.



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