Sugar and Spice

This year I DIM (did-it-myself) regarding holiday gifts. I made a wonderful exfoliating sugar scrub. Why do I know it is wonderful? Because I had to test it before giving it away! Not only does it scrub away those dead skin cells, but the coconut oil moisturizes without feeling oily. A lovely gift for everyone to enjoy and pamper themselves with.

My aunt sent me a thank you note for her sugar scrub. In the note, she said my uncle didn’t quite understand the gift. Below is the transcript of their conversation.

Uncle: What is that stuff, sand?
Aunt: No. It’s a sugar scrub to exfoliate dry skin.
Uncle: It’s going to plug up the shower drain.
Aunt: No, it won’t. It’s sugar. It will dissolve.
Uncle: Still looks like sand. Why would you want to put sugar on yourself?
Aunt: To make me sweeter. *rolls eyes* 😆

I secretly hope my uncle tries it and loves it. Even guys need pampering and smooth skin!

Happy holidays!

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