Summer Slump

I have been in a huge exercise and food slump lately… And I really have no excuse for either. 

I have a few excuses lined up for the lack of exercise: unpredictable weather, taking a break. 


But a nap sounds like a much better idea!!

But the reality is I feel schlumpy, and I need to get back into it to not feel schlumpy.

I don’t have any good excuses for not going to the grocery. I do have the time. I just haven’t been going.

Instead, fast food and otherwise eating out.

I thought I’d write this to hold myself accountable and to make it very clear to everyone reading that I struggle with food and exercise too. I know I look fit, and I probably am more fit than many, but the reality is that I have to work at it. I was at my healthy weight back in December. Now, I’m up 10 pounds again…

It’s not so much about the number, but about knowing that I’m not taking care of myself.

I also need to make sure I get my good habits back in place before school starts back up, when I’ll be more busy.

Maybe I’ll sign up for a race. That should give me some motivation to get my butt in gear again… And I need to eat healthy, and at home.

I know I can do it. I’ve done it before. I even like doing it once I get going.

But that damn inertia…

But now is all we have. It’s 10:00 on a Thursday, so I’m not going to put on my jogging shoes right this second. But tomorrow is a new day, and I get to make new choices. 

I choose to be healthy now.


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