Superhero 5k


My facial expression is more Popeye than Wolverine… Oops.

Today I ran a Superhero 5k in support of the Guardian ad Litem Foundation (GAL). Registering for and running organized races that support good causes is one of the ways I give back to the community, and this one was too fun to pass up!GAL supports children that have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect. What a better way to raise money and provide joy to kids who have had a rough time than having a parade of superheroes for them!

At the event I saw a lot of Supermans and Wonder Womans. There were a lot of Supergirls and Batmans. There were a few Ninja Turtles running around. Captain America was there, as was Thor (one in dog form!). The Incredible Hulk was there, as was the Green Lantern. There was a firefighter or two (real heroes don’t wear capes).

I saw a couple of Jokers who must have envisioned themselves as heroes. It all depends on perspective, I guess.

I think I was the only Wolverine, and I got quite a lot of compliments on my minimalist costume. (I tried to do something with my hair, but at 6:30 a.m. it wasn’t really happening.) One thing I really appreciated was that no one came up to me and said, “You can’t be Wolverine, because you’re a girl.” Not one. (Except my brother on Facebook. Thanks, Gary!) Instead they looked at me and said in awe, “Wolverine.” I flashed my adamantium claws at them and roared. I think Hugh Jackman would be proud. (Hugh, I can send you my number if you want to talk character ideas for any future movies! 😉 )

One highlight of the race was a pre-race conversation. I was waiting around, and a boy of no more than 10 said, “Cool claws.” We then entered into a conversation about superheroes and comic books, a topic that I’m mostly educated through via movies. I held my own in the conversation, and it was cool to talk to a kid like regular folk. It’s not something I have the opportunity to do all that often. I guess I have had more of those opportunities since I’ve started volunteering with Nomad Art Bus, but it was still nice to have an extended conversation with this young fellow.

img_3240Pre-race was drizzly, but it was the perfect morning for a run. Not too hot, not too humid, a little bit of a breeze. The course took us through Safety Harbor and along the water. It was pretty much a down-and-back trail, but it allowed me to see more of the costumes as I doubled back on those behind me. My time was slow for me overall, but about right for where I am now. And it felt Ok overall.

Next race? Gopher Weedon Trail Run on October 29. It’s an 8k through the Weedon Island Preserve. That one is going to be challenging for me if I fall off on training… Gotta stick with it with my Wolverine determination.

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