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Goodbye Friend

IMG_1399This morning I said goodbye to a friend. Continue reading


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A Notice on the Door

Death left a notice
on my door
A gentle reminder

She’ll be around soon
to collect that debt
The one we all take

It’s not overdue
Oh, no, not yet
But the due date approaches

In fact, has Death ever
collected late?

Maybe Jesus
That would make sense

And the man that caught
Death in a sac
She’s still pretty pissed about that…

Otherwise, Death always collects

No interest
No penalties
No excuses

Paid in full

On time

She collects through her tears

angel of death


I’ve been thinking a lot of about death since my scare with Willow yesterday. I know death is a part of life, and I respect that part of it. It is necessary to make us remember how special this life is. But it is still scary when it pops in for a visit.

I don’t know if I believe in angels and whatnot. But if there is an Angel of Death, I think he/she/they are compassionate. They feel our pain as they take our loved ones to the other side. They weep with us, even though they know we are all connected in this big universe and our loved ones aren’t really going anywhere. They also laugh with joy as they help our loved ones transition to the next phase of their existence.

When Willow’s time comes, I will weep. But I will also be joyful in my gratitude that I got to share such a long period of time with this beautiful beast. I guess that’s true for any of the loved ones that have gone before me, and those yet to go.

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