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Bumbling Along

Been awhile since I’ve posted about dating. Because, well, I haven’t dated in awhile. Last summer, around the time of my yoga teacher training, I shut down all of my online dating profiles. I intermittently turned them back on, only to shut them back down again within a month. I went on one lackluster date in October or November and shut down my accounts again.

I opened up a new account on Bumble. “It’s different,” I was assured. “The women contact the men first. It weeds out some of the assholes.”

Eventually I caved. Continue reading

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Stupid Chicken


img_3347There are times when I feel my singledom a little more strongly than other times.

Like tonight, there’s nothing make you feel alone like carving a rotisserie chicken and including your thumb in the process. Continue reading

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Je ne peux pas

robot heartI can’t. Continue reading

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