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A visit to Sunken Gardens

As a reader, you already know I haven’t been writing much. The end of the semester is winding down, which means work has been busy. Too, the political climate has me lying low with writing, because I want this site to be one of (mostly) positivity. Yet, I’m having a hard time framing anything I would write about politics in a positive way.

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To Serve and Protect

6a010536d3e297970c01b8d12059c8970cSince I had the day off work today, I decided to take myself out to lunch. On the walk back, an older homeless woman was struggling with her electric cart. I asked her if she needed any help.  Continue reading

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Overheard on the Street

all-peopleThe other day I was walking down Central Avenue. As I walked, two homeless men passed me on the left. I heard a bit of their conversation as they passed me by.

It was powerful.

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