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To Serve and Protect

6a010536d3e297970c01b8d12059c8970cSince I had the day off work today, I decided to take myself out to lunch. On the walk back, an older homeless woman was struggling with her electric cart. I asked her if she needed any help.  Continue reading

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Central Avenue Solstice


Carrie of Nomad Art Bus

St. Pete’s Central Avenue Solstice celebrates the rising and setting of the sun along Central Avenue. (Nevermind that this astrological coincidence actually occurs on the equinox.) It consists of stores opening early, music playing along the avenue, painting the Nomad Art Bus, and more. 

It’s events like this that make me grateful to live in St. Pete.

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Sarah Mac Band_01

Sarah Mac Band at The Hideaway Cafe in St. Pete

I came up for a breath of air this weekend. Friday I helped a friend celebrate his 30th birthday, and Saturday was Sarah Mac Band CD release night! Continue reading

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