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Perks of Teaching

Today I led a lesson on anaerobic cellular respiration. It involved a push-up challenge: 5 pushups, 10 pushups, and 1 minute of as many as you could do. After each challenge, participants rated their pain/tiredness level from 1-10. I participated during both Periods 7 and 8. (I did 21 pushups during the one-minute period in Period 7 and 17 during Period 8. Not too bad for someone near 40!)

The students laughed at me, and I laughed with them.  Continue reading

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Plant Love

Oh, plants. You frisky

things. Sending your love into

the air. Stuffy nose.



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Pharmacy Waiting

Pharmacy waiting

Drinking coffee, eating scone

A silver lining


Photo by Sally Bjornsen


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