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Take Care of Yourself

The tree and mistletoe are up. I’ve bought gifts for work-related holiday festivities. But I didn’t send out holiday cards this year. I haven’t bought or made gifts for my nearest and dearest. 

This year it’s felt like too much… Continue reading

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What to Do

A couple of days ago one of my Canada bike ride posse told me that she didn’t want to go anymore. She said she felt off trajectory by planning for the Canada thing.

Thus far she’s been the one that has seemed the most into the trip. We’ve been riding together pretty regularly. During those time we talked logistics and whatnot. So her decision came as a bit of a shock. 

I’m disappointed she won’t be coming, and I told her as much. But I also understand and am completely in support of her doing what is right for her. Continue reading


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Tropical Storms Happen

I’m supposed to be camping now. Basking on the shores of Fort DeSoto. Biking to the fort. Napping in the shade of trees in relative silence to the hubbub of downtown St. Pete. 

But tropical storms happen. Continue reading

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