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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

I’ve spent the last little bit reflecting on 2016 by reading through old blog posts. I’d like to share some of my favorites from the year with you here.

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Unpacking Thoughts


Boxes right after I moved into the new place. It’s a bit better now. Pics soon!

It’s been an intense week. Lots of unpacking. Lots of cleaning. Lots of decorating. Lots of reflection. A little bit of kittening.

I got moved into my new  place around 11:30 p.m. last Sunday (06/13). The movers came late, because their truck and their back-up truck broke down earlier in the day. After they arrived, they got me moved. The guys were very nice, despite having a hard day. They got me into my place. 

The days after that have been unpacking and exploring, with an emphasis on the prior. Man, am I sore! Moving boxes around, hanging curtains and pictures, putting together furniture… I’ve been exhausted.

But I’ve also had a bit of a chance to explore the new ‘hood. I found a sandwich shop I like a couple of blocks away. I walked to send a package. I walked to pick up a pizza one night. I’ve walked down to the waterfront a few times. I biked to yoga one morning. A friend and I walked to a nearby brewery, ran into a friend of his, and had a most fantastic conversation. I’m definitely enjoying my new neighborhood.

Part way through the week a friend put out a call for a forever home for a kitten. I’ve been thinking about adding to the family since Willow passed in March. I still can’t think about getting another dog. I need a break from that type of relationship. But I have been thinking about getting another cat, and specifically a kitten. I thought I would choose a cute little black kitten, but this tufted-eared tortoise shell cat came my way so I committed. Bubo joined our family yesterday, named for her tufted ears that remind me of an owl.

06182016_Bubo on back

Bubo! She’s waving hello!

Rusty isn’t convinced yet. If Bubo comes within a 3 foot radius, Rusty hisses at her. But no blows have been thrown, and though Rusty is wary she doesn’t seem overly concerned.

Bringing her home was hard. It’s hard to open your heart to a creature you know you will lose someday. Willow’s passing still hurts. But I don’t want to shut animals, or people for that matter, out of my heart just because I might someday get hurt. 

On that note, Happy Father’s Day! I’m definitely missing Dad. It’s been 5 years since he passed. Some days I don’t think about him much. Some days that’s not so true. I was thinking about him a lot yesterday as I walked along the bay as a storm was rolling in. Dad loved a good storm. He’d tell us to go inside, while he’d stand in the front yard before the rain came. Of course, we’d peek and watch too.

A lot of reflection has been going on in the midst of the move. While my  move just required a hop across the bay, the move feels bigger to me. I feel like this is the true entrance into the next phase of my life, even though I’ve recently hit some big milestones (e.g. my new job, finishing my Ph.D.). The winds of change are blowing.

So there’s my hodgepodge post of happenings and thoughts through the week. For those celebrating Father’s Day, enjoy it!! Honor yourself, dads, granddads, etc… There is such a need for positive, male role models in our society. Keep fighting the good fight with trying to raise kids to be the best they can.

If you aren’t celebrating Father’s Day, I hope you are celebrating life!!

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There’s something about moving that brings up the past.

Maybe it’s unpacking those things that have been hiding away since the last move. Making the judgement call on if it stays or goes this time.

Sometimes it’s one. Sometimes the other.

But some things will always stay.

Like this bandanna.

Ignore my dirty face and neck. I was stripping my
wrought iron patio furniture for painting. Messy business…

Once upon a time, my aunt, my brother, and me were digging in my great-grandma’s closet. There was enough of this weird, dark green pattern for us to make two bandannas and another headband. (Guess which my younger brother got?) Over the years I lost mine.

Not sure where. 

Years after our closet foraging my aunt died. She committed suicide. I found this bandanna among her belongings, and I took it. Needless to say, I haven’t lost this one. I don’t wear it much. But in this 8th move in 10 years, I want to wear it.

I want to loop back and revisit those memories I shared with my aunt.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about someone who won’t be joining me on this next phase of my journey: my pup. She was with me for four moves and 8 years. She liked to steal the tape dispenser when I taped up boxes. It was incredibly annoying and frustrating.


Who knew I’d miss that damn dog stealing that damn tape dispenser… Not having to fight for it is definitely sending my thoughts back to the good times shared with my pup.

So, as often has happened, I’m packing boxes and feeling nostalgic as I do so. 

Maybe part of the looping process I’ve experienced also has to do with saying good-bye to the past. Moving gives a concrete event where we can pause for a few minutes while packing boxes and honor those who have historically been a part of our journey.

And, of course, there’s the fact that I’m leaving Tampa too. Though I’m only going across the bay, I will be further from my Tampa friends. It’ll be a little harder to get together, when time and other commitments already make it hard.

I’m still super excited about entering this next phase of my life. But doing so still brings stuff up.

One more loop in the cycles of life.



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