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Ornament Advent Calendar-Travels

My grandpa’s Yule tree was filled with ornaments he got while traveling. And that’s saying something, because he traveled all over the world! I’ve been continuing the tradition with ornaments ranging from elegant and graceful to touristy-to-the max. Continue reading

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Ornament Advent Calendar-Dogs

I love the tradition of putting up the Yule tree. My family always did it Thanksgiving evening, after dinner. We’d eat at my grandpa’s big house, and then we’d get his holiday decorations and start putting them in their places. Some of his ornaments became my favorites, and they are hanging on my flat  Yule tree today.

Since I’m more  in the holiday spirit than normal, I want to write about some of my ornaments. Really, my holiday tree is a chance to get those old memories out once a year. I dust them off, think old thoughts, and hang them up for a month of nostalgia. Continue reading


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