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A Year with a Kitten

The day I brought Bubo home. She doesn’t fit in my lap like this anymore…

I didn’t even know she existed this time last year. But eight weeks after this date, I adopted a kitten. Continue reading

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A Year

A friend posted a picture on his Facebook page of a Buddha statue holding a succulent plant. A hibiscus was near it. The caption of the picture was his dog’s name with a smiley face.

The dog is old, and she’s been sick. I didn’t see the dog in the photo. Tears for a dog I’ve never met started rolling down my face, much like they are now, because I knew the hurt my friend would be feeling at losing his precious pup.

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Ornament Advent Calendar-Dogs

I love the tradition of putting up the Yule tree. My family always did it Thanksgiving evening, after dinner. We’d eat at my grandpa’s big house, and then we’d get his holiday decorations and start putting them in their places. Some of his ornaments became my favorites, and they are hanging on my flat  Yule tree today.

Since I’m more  in the holiday spirit than normal, I want to write about some of my ornaments. Really, my holiday tree is a chance to get those old memories out once a year. I dust them off, think old thoughts, and hang them up for a month of nostalgia. Continue reading


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