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Protecting Balance

This past weekend was my first off in months after working hard for my YTT and working part-time through summer. I started gaining more balance, figuratively and physically! Continue reading

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Stopping to Breathe

It’s been a busy week. 

School ended on June 5, and grades were due on June 8. I had training toward my teacher certification all last week. I struggled to finish a draft of the manuscript for the third chapter of my dissertation, all while the manuscript for my second chapter went from being submitted into being reviewed.


Doodle I made during one of my training classes.

Willow seems no worse for the wear after our scare last week. But that incident has also led to a lot of reflection about death. But it seems that for now I don’t need to worry about such things, and instead I can concentrate on Willow looking cute.


Willow and her dragon. She still loves that guy… 🙂

Though I had a lot going on, I’ve made sure to take time to take care of myself. Over the past couple of weeks I met up with friends for some much needed connection and conversation.

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping! This is something that I’ve been terrible about keeping in my schedule, and because of it I’ve been eating horribly. Ordering in way too often, and feeling sluggish because of it. Now, there’s next-to-nothing but healthy food in the fridge. I’m looking forward to more energy and feeling less sluggish. Yay!

Today, I practiced stand-up paddleboard yoga for the second time! It was really fantastic to be out on the water on a glorious, sunny day challenging my body and mind. I fell off the board a lot more than I did the first time I did this, and it was still fantastic. I tried all of the the poses the instructor called out, and I modified some of the ones that felt uncomfortable. The friend who came with with me did a great job too. She had never paddleboarded before, yet she still tested her comfort zone. She said she had a great time, and I definitely encourage anyone who practices yoga to try SUP yoga. 


3-legged dog. Next time I go, I really want someone to get pictures of me doing this, so I don’t have to steal pictures from the internet… 🙂

Tomorrow I start teaching a six week summer workshop to help acclimate incoming freshman to high school life. I’ll be giving them a preview into biology topics that they’ll get into more in the fall, and ones that students tend to struggle with. I’ll only be working 1/2 days, and I’m grateful on two fronts for that. First, I’m grateful I’ll be getting a pay check over summer, even though it will be a partial one. Second, I’m grateful I’ll have time to relax, work on my dissertation, create, connect with people I care about, etc…

Right now, today, I’ve been pausing to breathe. Yoga, blogging… Taking a moment to catch my breath after the whirlwind. Slowing down after the sprint. Easing back into normalcy. Whatever that is…


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