Teacher Sick Day

sick dayI took a sick day today.

I’d been feeling tired (exhausted?) for the past couple of weeks. Last Thursday was parent/teacher conferences, and that 12-hour day of non-stop talking and interacting put me over the edge. My throat was a bit sore when I went to bed that night, but I thought I would sleep it off.

Not so much…

I made it through Friday, but I thought it might be wise for me to take today off to let my body and mind recuperate a bit.

So what has today looked like?

  • I woke up late.
  • I made myself a breakfast of eggs, green peppers, with nectarines on the side.
  • I’ve been drinking a ton of tea.
  • I’ve been taking cough medicine every four hours.
  • I’ve been supplementing cough medicine with cough drops.
  • I took a nap.
  • I responded to texts going back and forth in my department.
  • I made a test for my students.
  • I made a quiz for my students.
  • I posted¬†chapter outlines for my students.
  • I posted chapter reading guides for my students.
  • I will be planning my lessons for the week.

I love my job. I really do. The students are awesome and hilarious. My coworkers are hard working and inspiring.

But sometimes, you just need a catch up day and a day to let your body and mind heal. I’ve been able to do both today, and I think I’ll be able to be a better teacher to my students tomorrow because of this day off.

I’m glad I have a job where I have sick days again. This is the first I’ve taken all year.

I also took two personal days to defend and celebrate my dissertation defense back in October.

To those politicians and other folks who think teachers are lazy, I say:

Good day

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