Thanksgiving 2015

2014-11-26-gratitude2Happy Thanksgiving!

I rather like that a holiday devoted entirely to gratitude exists, despite it’s fictional historical background… 

As I’ve been sitting here reflecting today, I’ve got so many things to be thankful for. It really has been a good year. Here’s a few things in no particular order.

I’m grateful for:

  1. Lab mates who come in and save the day with their awesome knowledge of R.
  2. A quiet Thanksgiving day to relax, reflect, work…
  3. Messages from so many of my loved ones thanking me for being part of their lives.
  4. Gorgeous Florida autumn weather. Porch door and windows open. Tank top and shorts. Ahhhhh…
  5. The joy my pup and my kitty bring to my life. 
  6. Finding the vocation I was meant to.
  7. Finishing my doctorate. (!!!!!)
  8. Good friendships where we build each other up. (Special call out to my BAMF friends and my fierce ladies.)
  9. Family and friendships where we don’t need to talk to or see each other every day.
  10. House concerts and other live music!
  11. Creating art and other projects that move me.
  12. Writing. I’m so grateful I started this blog! And there’s the occasional poetry too.
  13. You! Thank you for reading my blog!
  14. My little apartment on the river.
  15. My Toyota Yaris. It’s a great little car, and I hope it lasts many, many more miles.
  16. Going to Paris and London in less than a month!
  17. Traditions. Soon I’ll be putting up my holiday decorations, like we used to do when my family was closer together. I’ll be thinking of them, raising a glass to those who have passed on, taking time to remember…
  18. Being nearly done with my teacher certification requirements. Tests passed. One more class to finish, then I’m done!
  19. For my weird dating life… Never a dull moment, and I can’t meet my future partner without the adventure in between!
  20. Social media. I’m grateful to be able to keep in contact with those who are far away, or who I can’t see every day. It might be superficial, but I think it’s nice to be able to share the bits of ourselves that we do via Facebook and the like…

In summary, I’ve got so much to be thankful for. I could keep this list going for awhile, but I’ll stop here. 

If you are making lists of your own, I hope it is full of love, friendship, challenge, fun…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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