The Good of the Marches

Photo courtesy of David Johnson.

I’ve been basking in the glow of the Women’s March. It was incredibly powerful to be part of so many people coming together for such an inclusive and love-filled cause. It was inspiring to interact with and read signs of so many people who are concerned about the incoming administration and the policies they promised during Trump’s campaign.
That inspiration has caused me to be more active. I’ve begun writing postcards to my various representatives. Marco Rubio, one of Florida’s Senators, has become my pen pal. Not that I ever expect a real reply to him. One can rarely get through to his office phones.

But I digress…

I’ve been calling representative offices. I’ve been signing online petitions. I’ve been sending e-mails to representatives when I can’t get through via phone. I created an account on Countable, an app that helps to keep up with national bills coming up and allows you to send an e-mail to your Representative or Senator about the different bills. I signed up for community organizer training.

I’m doing stuff, but so are so many other people! Already there are more marches being planned. The March for Science is being planned, so scientists and other science proponents can protest and resist the denial of climate change, shut down of EPA grants and communication, shut down of communications from other scientific agencies, and more. And the interest in this march is already huge.

There is also the People’s March for Climate Mobilization that takes place on April 29, which deals specifically with Trump administration’s denial of climate change.

There have been a lot of people attacking the Women’s Marches in various ways. I’ve read everything from “Why bother?” to “I don’t get it.” to “Trump won. Get over it.” to people thinking there should be a Men’s March.

If there were a Men’s March with a positive mission, I would march right next to my brothers. And if they really wanted one, why didn’t someone organize one?

My Facebook newsfeed has been news article after news article of “this is why we march.” Here are some of the reasons I marched:

  1. Trump representatives put forth “alternative facts”
  2. The National Endowment for Arts is under attack
  3. The Pope warns that white nationalism could lead to a Hitler-esque situation.
  4. The Texas Supreme Court will consider undoing gay marriage.
  5. The Trump administration froze EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) grants and contracts.
  6. The School Board in Polk County went to impasse with its teachers over their contract.
  7. A police officer in Minnesota exchanged racist banter via text with the shooter of a five Black Lives Matter protesters.
  8. Trump wants to get the Dakota pipeline going again.
  9. Trump wants to get rid of 17 different agencies! (So much for job creation.)
  10. A Florida lawmaker wants to get rid of protections for annual contract guarantees for teachers.
  11. Congress closed the investigation into the Flint, MI water crisis.
  12. Trump wants all EPA science to be screened by politicians.
  13. Trump is banning immigration from seven different countries, while bombing four of them. Create the refugees, but don’t give them a home…
  14. Trump wants to publish a weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants. Not sure why he doesn’t want to include the ones by citizens.
  15. Trump is Ok with torture, among other things.
  16. Trump wants to remove protection for LGBTQ folks.
  17. Repeal of ACA (Affordable Care Act; aka Obamacare) is going to hurt so many people, including breastfeeding mothers.
  18. Trump lies about sanctuary cities.
  19. Hillsborough County Commissioners want to triple the allowable lead in wastewater.

Why did we march? We marched because people’s rights are being attacked in a lot of different ways. Our environment is being attacked, which is making us less safe in a health sense (among other things). Trump is cutting agencies and jobs. He is silencing the media and governmental agencies in a very fascist way.

But people are not sitting down and shutting up in the face of injustice. They are standing up. They are fighting back.

And I’m so encouraged and hopeful that We the People will get our country back.

That is why we march.

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