The Rains Have Come

I woke up this morning to rain and air that is a little breezier than it was yesterday. I checked the weather and the storm has moved a little closer to us, and maybe a little further west.

It’s still quiet. 

 The cats are still chilling. The power is out in Ft. Lauderdale, according to Mom, but things are otherwise Ok in her neck of the woods. Friends are either staying put, have moved to shelters, or have left for less windy grounds.

My friend, Jim, came to crash with me since his other plans fell through. We’ve been chilling, talking books, bikes and weather. He likes to cook, so bonus! And it’s nice to know someone else is there to help if stuff goes down later.

I started my day with yoga and meditation. I’m trying to avoid the sensationalism of the storm circling on Facebook and various media sources. I’m trying to get my information directly from the source: NOAA and have become my go-to’s. has been banned for sensationalized headlines regarding the storm. I’ll be getting my weather from other sources from now on.

My main wish for everyone is to stay calm. Whether you decided to stay or go, it was the right decision for you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Some have said that there is no safe place in Florida. This is true. This is always true. You can die from stepping wrong going down the stairs and falling in your own house. The risk is higher now, that’s no lie. But stay calm. Breathe. Make good decisions. You can’t do that from a place of panic.

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