Themed Races

You’ve seen them advertised: obstacle runs (e.g. Warrior Dash), color runs, zombie runs, foam runs, etc…

As part of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I ran the Electrodash 5k for free last night (in exchange for giving my honest opinion about the race). If I hadn’t received free registration, I would not have attended the event. Even early registration started at $35, which is rich for my blood. Groupons and discount codes would make the registration fee more reasonable, but it was too pricey for me. If you waited, on-site registration was $60.


Lots of glowy goodness at Electrodash.

With that, the race was good. There were good things and bad things about it. 


Me (in yellow) and my friends at Electrodash.

So, would I do this race again? No. Would I recommend it? Sure. It wasn’t my cup of tea, but plenty of others seemed to truly dig this race theme. Will I do any more themed races? Probably not. I prefer simple races with the common theme of raising money for a good cause.

My ideal race? One that’s in nature. One of my favorite races was the 2013, inaugural Gopher Weedon 8k Trail Run. The registration from this race supported the Weedon Island Preserve in Pinellas County. You run on both hiking trails and boardwalks through natural, native Florida habitat. It was a beautiful, challenging run, and it supports a good cause. I look forward to running it again this year if they have it.

Other runs I’ve really enjoyed? I ran the 5 mile Bolt Run three years in a row (I missed this year, because I attended a wedding.). It’s a lovely run down Bayshore, and you get a free hockey ticket!

I’ve run the Tampa Bay Turkey Trot 10k two years in a row. I love my new tradition of running a race on Thanksgiving morning. Plus there is such a sense of community along this race route. People bring their garage bands out of the garage, or just come to people watch and wave, to cheer you on bright and early as you run past. Both of these races support local charities.

So if themed races are your thing, you might enjoy this one. I support anything that gets people out doing healthy things, so if music and lights will get you off your couch that’s great.

For me, I don’t need added incentives. I love to run, even though it is always a challenge for me. If I sign up for a race, I just want to run. I don’t want people shooting things at me, I don’t want people chasing me, I don’t need pretty lights to distract me. I’d prefer the sound of my feet on the ground, the wind in my ears, and birds chirping nearby. I’d prefer the stars to artificial lights. You say potato…

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