Through the eyes of a child

I was invited to a birthday BBQ tonight. Grilled squid, ribs, tomato with feta, peppers with feta, salad, cake, chocolate bananas… All enjoyed along the Rhine.

We biked there, and we didn’t bike back until 10:30 p.m. or so. This far north, it was still light.

Biking back, I realized more reasons I love to travel. I realized as I was biking too and from places that I was curious about everything. That everything seemed interesting and amazing to me. The buildings, the signs, the plants, the cars, the people… I learned a Dutch phrase tonight (tot ziens – see you later!) from reading a sign. Smile

It reminds me of the wonder of being a child. That time in our life when we were curious about everything. That time in our life when we could ask “why” questions for hours.

I could sit outside for hours just wondering. I could walk outside just wandering. I could talk to people and just say, “Tell me more.”

And I realized that I want to try to maintain that outlook when I go back to the States. I want to look at the world and the people around me with constant wonder and amazement. Because that’s what happiness is.

That’s part of what daring greatly is. Keeping that sense of wonder even in the routine or tough times.

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