Time Flies

Time-Flies-420x267It’s November 5. Didn’t I just start my new job a few months ago? No, that was back in January.

Man, time has flown this year!

That Einstein guy was surely right. Time is most definitely relative. There were years before my divorce that felt like an eternity.

Not this year!

This year has been a whirlwind. It’s been a tornado carrying me along with it ever since I made my choice to start teaching full time (while finishing my dissertation and taking my teacher certification classes).

Fortunately it’s been more of the Dorothy sort of tornado, because it hasn’t been wrecking my life. Instead it’s been carrying me around while keeping me in the house as I work and watch the cows and chickens float by the window until I land. 

After this very busy year, I’m sure that wherever I land will feel like Oz. Free time has been such a foreign concept! I’ve certainly squeezed in some fun over the course of the year, but it’s definitely been squeezed in.

The storm is slowing, and I’ll be coming to a landing soon. Maybe after the New Year. After I return from Europe. Or maybe Europe is my entrance to Oz. Regardless, I’m looking forward to my landing and to what the next phase of my life will bring!

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