Too Much Food

I’ve been on a quest for better eating habits as of late. Since the end of May I’ve lost ~7 lbs, which still leaves me overweight for my height according to the CDC’s body mass index calculator. Huzzah…

But obviously I’ve been making progress and strides towards reaching a healthy weight. So that’s good. MyFitnessPal has been a really useful tool in tracking the calories I take in and holding me accountable for the amount of food I take in. 


Potluck spread at a house concert I attended.

My problem lies in eating outside of my home. When I cook for myself, I have two things under control: 1) food portions and 2) food content. If I eat at a restaurant or if I go to a potluck social gathering, I likely won’t know the latter.

I also have less self control with the former. At restaurants, I receive a huge burger and fries. Not to mention a beer or glass of wine with dinner. At a potluck, I end up nibbling all night. Oh, someone brought another dish in? I just have to try it. Not to mention a beer or a glass of wine with nibbles.

Though I may end up taking a doggy bag home, I generally still end up eating too much.

So what does one do? I like going out with my friends. I don’t want to cease those opportunities for social engagement, plus I like going to new places for dinner, but I’m not sure how to deal with the lack of self control in regards to food and drink in those settings…

Any ideas? How do you eat healthy when you are out and about?

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