Without-enough-sleep-weThis morning, I should be running my first 15k.

Since I’m sitting her writing instead, you can probably guess I’m not.

I had the best of intentions. Back in July, I realized I would be very busy through the first semester of school.

  • I’m defending my dissertation this week!
  • I’m finishing a manuscript associated with my PhD.
  • I’m taking my alternative teacher certification classes.
  • I’m teaching full time.

With all of this and day-to-day living on my plate, I knew things like diet and exercise might fall out of my routine. I was sure signing up for a challenging race would help to hold me accountable!

Well, I was right about the former. Not so much about the latter.

I did pay my registration fee. So I guess that’s my punishment for not going. I literally paid my dues, though solely in money instead of in sweat.

With that, today living daringly looks like cutting myself some slack when I can’t do all of the things. It’s sleeping in when instead of running a 15k, because I needed it. I really, really needed it.

Living daringly is realizing that I can meet that goal of running a 15k on another day.

At least race was associated with breast cancer research, so the registration fee is going to a good cause!

Today, living daringly is pausing to reflect that when you have big goals, sometimes you have to make compromises with other things in your life.balance-in-your-life-is-so-very-important-take-time-to-find-some

Soon I will be done with my PhD, and I’ll work to regain balance in my life. I just need to get over this last hurdle. I need to be patient with myself as I overwork myself this last little bit.

In fact, I brought a bit of balance in my life by choosing not to run that 15k. If I had, I would be exhausted, and I wouldn’t get the work done that I need to.

The end is near. The light  to the end of this Ph.D. is approaching. It is getting bigger all of the time. Right now, I feel like a tree fell on the tracks, slowing me down. But the tree will be moved. I’ll get going again. After this semester, I’ll be free from some of the long-term commitments I’ve made. My path will be freer.

I see all of that, and I’m looking forward to it. 

In the mean time, I am trying to stay as balanced as I can with the different commitments I have on my plate.

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