Tropical Storms Happen

I’m supposed to be camping now. Basking on the shores of Fort DeSoto. Biking to the fort. Napping in the shade of trees in relative silence to the hubbub of downtown St. Pete. 

But tropical storms happen.

It’s not raining anymore. But winds are supposed to be high through the night.

Ultimately I didn’t want to be sleep deprived, anxious, and grumpy at the end of the camping trip. Inclement weather increases the chances of those things coming together.

In the not too distant past, I would have been freaking out about skipping out on this. I paid for it after all. Obviously I HAVE TO go camping.

Instead, I’m looking at it as a donation to Fort DeSoto and I’m spending my day and evening in comfort, music, and creation instead. 

In two days I’ll be back at work. I need today and tomorrow to be easy.

Right now I’m able to go with the flow and do what I need to make that so.

It’s nice to hear your intuition talking and to be able to respond to it.

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