Two More Days


There are two more days until Thanksgiving break.

An entire, glorious five days off from work.

I can’t wait!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. Even on the bad days I end up laughing with the students at some point during the day. Or they’ll teach me something, or make me think about something in a way I hadn’t thought of it.

But I’m so tired.¬†

I keep thinking that I’m finally over the hump where I can breathe a little more freely, but there’s still so much to do.

  • Yes, my dissertation has been submitted, but I’m still working with my coauthors to finalize the paper for publication. There’s an analysis we are trying to do to appease the reviewers, and the code just isn’t working.
  • There’s homework associated with the final certification class I’m taking.
  • I have to take my final certification test on the Monday before Thanksgiving.
  • There are lessons to plan, papers to grade, etc…
  • A trip to Paris and London to be thinking about.

I knew it would be busy when I made certain choices at the beginning of the year. I knew my load would be heavy.

It’s just that right now, I’m feeling it.

A lot.

Soon that manuscript will be submitted, and hopefully accepted. I’ll be done with my certification classes. I’ll be done with my certification testing. The only thing I’ll have to concentrate on is teaching.

I can’t wait…

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