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I wrote about some of my experiences and opinions about my work with my labor union before.

Today, I have to reiterate and write a bit about how inspired I continue to be by being active with USF GAU. After a couple of years of struggling to get people to be moderately interested in the union, this year feels different. It feels special. It feels like we’ve gained some momentum, and that we are building towards fantastic things.

And I think we are. Graduate Assistants are approaching us to join this year. They are approaching us to fulfill leadership positions. All of the current leaders are stepping up to help out when and where they can. Current leaders are offering great ideas about how we can make GAU better, and how we can make working conditions better for all GAs. GAs are enthusiastic. They want our T-shirts, they want their questions answered, they are bringing their concerns to us…

And because of these things, we are able to have a more active voice on campus. We are in a better place to begin a dialogue about problems that have been present for a long time. We are doing good work. We are doing important work. And though it always has been good and important work, it feels like we are getting somewhere this year.

And that feels incredibly fantastic.

So thank you to all of the leaders and members of GAU, and thank you to all of the GAs that help universities to run.

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