Spring Break has been filled primarily with relaxation, cleaning, creating, and giving back thus far.

Choice shots from around Mirror Lake.

I’ve been sleeping in and taking a lot of naps. I’ve also been going on a lot of walks to the Bay and to Mirror Lake. It feels like I’m recharging for the final stretch of the last nine weeks of school.

I’ve also caught up on cleaning my little apartment. It’s still a work in progress, but the dishes are done. I’ve gotten rid of some of the clutter that accumulated. I’ll keep whittling away small chunks throughout the week to try to get the apartment fully ship-shape again.

I found this stone along the banks of the Thames when I was in London in 2015. I finally gave wire wrapping it a go. Not a bad first effort!

I haven’t been creating much. Just a few small projects thus far: a skirt and some fabric paint, a wire-wrapped pendant, a T-shirt reconstruction. But it feels good to have time to do those things, and I have a few more projects in mind to work on before the end of the week.

I’ve also been giving back to my community. Sunday I volunteered with NOMAD Art Bus to guide foster children in creating crafts. I tried to give blood on Saturday, but my iron was too low. I’m trying again on Thursday.

What’s in the future? A trip to the dentist. A trip to the OneBlood bus. I might go shoot my bow at Adventures Archery up in Tampa. It’s been too long. So long I’m thinking of selling my bow…¬†Both Tampa and St. Pete (or Pinellas County in general) are in dire need of places to shoot arrows. I think I’ll send some more letters encouraging some of the preserves and parks to put in ranges!

Oh, and Renaissance festival on Saturday. Huzzah!

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