Watching from Afar

So Mary and Andy made the first checkpoint at about 1:00 a.m. this morning.

The shore contact (Scareman) posted on the Watertribe forum that Mary had been having problems with her seat. When she arrived at the checkpoint she was in incredible pain and was almost incoherent.

That’s a fun thing to read about your friend when you wake up at 8:30…

Andy posted on his Facebook page that they fixed the problem with Mary’s seat, but that the damage was done. They are continuing. Their little icons have moved a little further on the tracking map.


Mary and Andy launching from Ft. DeSoto Park

It’s hard to be watching all of this through a tiny computer screen. I mentioned in my post yesterday some of the trials and tribulations that exist within the Everglades Challenge. You’ll notice that having problems with your kayak seat wasn’t on that list. There are so many things that could go wrong during the race… At the same time, I know Mary wants to accomplish her goal because of all of the challenges in this race. She wants to face those challenges and overcome them.


Andy (left) and Mary (right) beginning their journey.

So I’m worried about my friend, but I’m also very hopeful for her (you can read about my mixed feelings about hope here). Regardless, I’m proud of her for doing this. It doesn’t matter if she finishes or not. I’m incredibly proud of her.

Go, Mary and Andy!!

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