Weekend of Renewal

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. Somehow this past weekend I unconsciously organized the perfect series of events to renew myself after the roughness.

It started with an inspiring union social on Friday evening. The social was a nice reminder that the energy I’ve contributed to union work over the past few years really is important and really makes a difference.

Saturday started off relaxing. I got caught up on some sleep I’ve been missing out on, among other things. But that evening I went to Milonga “La Portenita,” which is a fancy, tango dancing event that takes place at the Italian Club in Ybor the first Saturday of the month. I met up with some of my new tango friends from my beginner’s class. I danced quite a lot, and it felt really good to do so. But I also got to talk to and learn a bit more about my new friends. It was a nice night…

Sunday was busy, but in that good way. First, I met up with Steph, from Orangespoken.com, to help her prep the bags of produce for her Co-op for a Cure fundraiser. For $25, participants receive a big bag of produce, local when possible, and the  proceeds go towards Team Judy‘s is participation in the Susan B. Komen Race for a Cure in St. Petersburg, FL. Thus far Steph has raised $150 from this Co-op for a Cure!

If you are in Tampa and interested in participating in Co-op for a Cure during the next three weeks, you can get in touch with Steph through her website. You can also participate by gifting a co-op, and the produce will go to someone in need!

Coop for a Cure

Bags of delicious produce, with the proceeds going towards breast cancer research and awareness.


After helping Steph out, I met up with a friend in St. Pete. We talked and she helped me with some of my recurring love woes. We shared a nice meditation, and our meeting felt rejuvenating and healing. After that, I met up with another friend in St. Pete for a cup of tea and some good conversation. After that I was supposed to have dinner with my uncle, but we had to reschedule for tonight. (delayed rejuvenation!)

All of these events have left me feeling connected, loved, supported. Those are things I’ve really needed to feel after my long, last couple of weeks.

To thank me for helping her prep the Co-op for a Cure, Steph gave me the bracelet below, on the left. I love the sentiment, but I wasn’t sure I would wear it much. (I have certain pieces of jewelry I wear, and that’s pretty much it.) Then I was struck by inspiration. A friend hand stamped a leather bracelet with “LIVE DARINGLY” for my birthday this year, and I wear it all of the time. I decided to take the “BE BRAVE” plate from the bracelet Steph gave me, and I integrated it into my “live daringly” bracelet. Now I have multiple, great reminders of the connection, love, and support I receive from all of my friends every time I look at my wrist.

It’s also a great symbol of renewal (adding the new in with the old?) and a nice reminder to be brave when things get hard.

It was a good weekend… Now if I shake this cold, I’ll be in good shape. 

Bracelet combo


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4 Responses to Weekend of Renewal

  1. Awesome post! I’m so glad helping our team helped YOU! Thank you again!!! <3

    • Christy

      I’m really glad I could help, Steph, though I don’t feel like I did much. The Co-op for a Cure is a great idea for a fundraiser, and of course it’s for a great cause. And it was also great talking with you!

  2. Would love to tango. Should really do something about that! Nice post.

    • Christy

      From talking to the tango community down here, I think you’ll find the community up in your neck of the woods to be incredibly welcoming and kind, Lori. Learning to dance tango is challenging, so I think that makes everyone a little more patient. I know I’ve had a lot of fun learning, I’m making friends, and I really enjoy the challenge. So I hope you’ll blog about it if you do start! 🙂