What To Be for Halloween

img_3239Oh, the glorious question that comes around this time each year. What to be for Halloween.

Already this year I’ve been Wolverine and an 80’s girl. I’m going to dress up at Rosie the Rivetter for school on Monday.

Maybe the fact that I’ve already dressed up is part of it, but this year the question is largely answered with: meh.

And I’ve noticed that trend over the past couple of years. While I often come up with pretty kick-ass costumes (here and here), my feeling about Halloween has turned to meh over the past few years.

That realization is a little disappointing. I remember feeling glee planning my costumes, sometimes months in advance, and going out with friends. 

Now, it’s harder to find friends to go with. I couldn’t get anyone to run the Superhero 5k with me. A friend threw a nice Halloween party last weekend, but either friends aren’t up to much this weekend or I didn’t make it on the invite list. And I didn’t have the foresight to invite myself.

So I ran my Gopher Weedon Trail Run 8k this morning. I went and got a sandwich and soup at Lonni’s Sandwich Shop on my way to enjoy my free post-race Scottish ale from Cycle Brewing. I read my book while I enjoyed my lunch. I walked around and checked out shops on Central before heading back home. My cats and I napped for a bit. I put some work into entering client registration forms for the yoga studio I volunteer for. Now I’m writing this blog about feeling meh on Halloween while drinking cider.

Maybe seeing some of the students (and teachers) dressed up on Monday will put me more in the spirit.

In the long run, I hope I get my passion for the holiday back. I miss it…


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2 Responses to What To Be for Halloween

  1. Mike B

    That’s great you did both runs this month! I’ve enjoyed reading the blog updates as you’ve gotten to know St Pete