What You Fear to Lose

A friend posted the below image on her Facebook page: What you fear to lose

This hit me harder than expected too, because one of things I take pictures of pretty often is myself. Since I often go out alone, I am a proponent of the selfie.

If I didn’t take selfies there wouldn’t be many pictures of me, period.

But this also got me thinking about something else. Some believe that you can develop energetic and/or mental blocks that keep us from realizing our goals. I’ve felt this way for awhile In regards to dating. 

Once I saw the above image and realized what I take pictures of the most, I felt like I had an epiphany.

With this image, I started wondering if one of those blocks has to do with the fear of me losing myself in a new relationship. It is a fear I recognize, but perhaps it’s actually holding me back.

I lost so much of myself during my marriage. Too much…

And I’ve invested so much energy in finding myself after the divorce. It’s been so worth it, but there’s doubt.

Have I built enough of a foundation for who I am so that I will remain intact within the relationship?
Am I really secure enough in myself that I won’t try to chip away at and change my partner?

I hope the answer to both of these questions is ‘yes.’

I think it is.

Certainly I would like for a chance to challenge those fears. I would like to have a partner who is patient with me as I work through those fears.

And ultimately, maybe I have nothing to fear at all…


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