Winds of Change

It may be cliché, but I feel them blowing. Cold air has been moving into Florida. Yoga is becoming a bigger part of my life. I’m making temporal space for my arts and crafts, and I will be researching where I might be able to sell them locally. (Though if you aren’t local or just can’t wait, you can buy anytime from the LD Shop!!)

Brainstorming ideas for a 2018 theme

My chosen them for 2018 is: Balance and Grow. Reflection materials from Ink + Volt helped me come to this, though I had to go through many options before landing upon that one. I’ve been feeling unfocused in my life. I have a lot of seemingly disparate interests, and they don’t always jive. I like them all though. So in order to do them all, I need to find balance. Primarily balance between my teaching career and all of the other things I like (e.g. making stuff, volunteering, cycling, etc…)

But I don’t want to stay stagnant either. I’ve fallen into the rut of complacency before, and it is really hard to pull yourself out. So I want to continue to grow as a person! I want to become a better teacher! I want to ride my bike 560 miles in Canada! I want to challenge myself by creating art! I want to live daringly to my max and keep expanding.

With that expansion, I want to grow Living Daringly. I’m teaching yoga professionally now. I want to eventually sell my art and crafts more consistently.

And the winds of change seem to be blowing me that way. Or maybe I just put up a sail…

Courtesy of Ljubo Gamulin, Flickr Creative Commons


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