Fat Mum Slim puts together monthly photo-a-day challenges. I participated in April’s challenge. This month I decided to take it up a notch and am using the list as a blog-a-day challenge. The topic for today is: wish.

My wish for my country is that everyone will realize that treating everyone as a human being by giving easy access to basic human rights and building each other up through empathy, relationships, and vulnerability helps us all.

As Joe Crookston might say, we could use a little mercy now…

My wish for myself is smaller. I start yoga teacher training in a couple of weeks. Honestly, I’m terrified. I’m not one of those people who can do the complicated poses. I’m not ones of those people who can stand on her head. I love yoga, even when it’s hard. But I’m going to have multiple weeks of challenging parts of myself that haven’t really been challenged before. I’m going to cry during class, probably often.

I hate crying in public…

I’m a new teacher, but teaching biology wasn’t/isn’t nearly as terrifying. Yes, I’m new to the high school, but I know biology and science. The pedagogy comes along with some trial and error.

With this yoga training, I’m going to fail, and fail, and fail again. I’m going to get through the class nonetheless, but the failing in between is never comfortable.

I guess I could use a little mercy now too.

So what’s my wish as I journey through the yoga training? Grace. Mercy. I’m going to get plenty of lessons over the next 8-ish weeks of patience, forgiveness, and acceptance that I am not a perfect being. I’ll need both of these things relax into the discomfort and to grow from it.

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