Yoga and Hurricanes

Yoga (i.e. asana) is supposed to help align your body with your mind/spirit/whatever. It’s supposed to be a reflection of how you deal with the real world. Maybe you are faced with a particularly challenging pose. Do you face the challenging, sticking with it no matter how much it begins to hurt? Do you automatically choose a resting pose and fall into that? Do you try it, and then take a resting pose once you realize you need it? Do you do the same thing in your regular life?

I think yoga is becoming more and more a reflection of my real life. There’s a big ass hurricane heading this way. I’ve been evacuated from my home. Granted I’m in a safer place now, but I’m not really worried. I hope my apartment is there when the storm is over, but if it’s not I’ll get by. I hope my car doesn’t get crushed by a tree branch (I think I positioned it so it won’t), but if it does I’ll get by.

Now some of this has to do with my privilege. I have renter’s insurance. I have car insurance. I have friends who are able to put me up during the storm. I have a certain amount of stability in my life. That certainly helps in a stressful time like an impending hurricane.

But I also feel ready to ride the storm out and see what happens. I’m ready to help with recovery where I can, when I can. I’m not worried about a worst case scenario. I’m not wishing for a best case one. I’m here, now, ready to ride the storm out…

I wish everyone peace in this stressful time. Be kind to those you interact with, even if they aren’t kind to you. Stop, breathe. How does this moment reflect the rest of your life? It’s something to think about.

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