Yoga for Educators

Yesterday I offered my first yoga for educators class. My inaugural class of people who aren’t my friends. (Well, some of them are work friends, but still a little different.)

The class was small, but the attendees enjoyed the class. The few classes I’ve offered since graduating with my yoga teaching certificate have already taught me a lot. About how to describe poses. About how to transition between poses. About how to lead those who don’t know much about yoga. Teaching brand newbies helps make me a better teacher, because I have to be especially mindful about leading folks into poses.

I’m excited to keep offering these classes to the various educators at my school. Teaching and the other jobs associated with education are stressful. It’s a giving job, where you give a lot of your energy and time to other people. In an especially busy day, it’s sometimes hard to remember to breathe. To stop and take care of yourself.

I’m working with the school Psychologist to get a student class going. That should be a thing within a few weeks. Some students are excited that I’m teaching it, which feels good.

I’m glad to integrate more of my non-work life into my career. Some are of the philosophy of “don’t smile until November” and “don’t share too much of yourself.” While I agree that sharing too much of yourself could be unprofessional, I want the students to know who I am. I want them to know that I’m more than a biology robot who tries to shove biology knowledge in their brains. Ditto for my colleagues. I’m glad to share more of my real self with all of my colleagues and students.

And I’m glad to give back and pay-it-forward. A little less stress in life is beneficial for everyone. And I mean everyone on the planet. So I’m glad to do my little piece in the scheme of things.

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